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Rules and guidelines

Post by Paul on Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:17 am

Hey guys.

Welcome to Darkskull. This is an additional online forum for the clan. Designed to allow open flow of ideas. Without them falling off the bottom of the chat window. Wink

So to start of with here are the clan rules

1. Donations.
These should always be within the ratio of 1:3. This means if you have donated 100 troops, you can receive up to 300 back.
If someone asks for a specific troop don't just give them anything.

2. Clan wars
We are an active war clan.
This being said you are expected to attack in wars! If you fail to attack at all in a war you will be kicked.
If you make little to no effort in your attacks it will be noticed.
We always aim for 3 stars not just for loot.
Only COs can donate to clan war castles.
Opt out is not available for this clan. You will be opted back in. If you don't want to be in war speak to a CO.
If you want to attack a base that has already been 3 stared please get this confirmed by a CO.

3. Promotions
After donating 200 troops you will get promoted to clan elder.
Co leader is only earnt but showing the clan loyalty and showing you are looking out for the clan.
Promotions to the Parent clan are also available past TH 7.
Any of these promotions can be removed for abuse of power or not particitating in wars.

Thanks everyone!

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